About Michelle Ensley

Ian WhiteMichelle Ensley LMP, Aromatherapist, Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner, Educator, and Product formulator.

Michelle's love for plants started when she was a young girl, working with her mother in the flower beds and gardening alongside her parents. Her passion for plants continued to grow as she studied Horticulture in high school and college. Her journey in life took her in other directions, and then magically a decade ago her life began to bring her full circle. With the loss of her brother Mark, the course of her life changed.

Michelle is a graduate of Brenneke School of Massage and The Northwest College for Herbal & Aromatic Studies. She has completed 5 levels of Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Ursula Popp L.ac, VCST, Certificate in Bodywork For the Childbearing Years (Pregnancy, Labor, and Postpartum Massage ) with Kate Jordan, Reiki level 1 and 2 with Catherine Walkinshaw, Australian Bush flower essences courses Level 1, 2, 3 Women's workshop and ABFE College Course teachers training with Linn Wiggins. Michelle has been a student of Dr. Berkowsky's Spiritual PhytoEssencing (creating soul blends with essential oils) since 2005 working toward her Diploma. In 2009 Michelle began her journey into Natural Perfumery with Ayala Sender owner of Ayala Moriel Perfumes located in Vancouver B.C.

Michelle is the owner of Soulscents & Bodywork in Enumclaw, WA. Located inside Thompson Chiropractic. Specializing in massage therapy, energy work, aromatherapy, and flower essences. She has been a contracted employee for Good Samaritan/Multicare home health and hospice for 7 years utilizing Aromatherapy, Massage and Reiki in bringing comfort to those close to transition or in palliative care situations. As an instructor for the East West school for Herbal and Aromatic studies she teaches Aroma 101 foundations and co-teaches with Jade Schutes Aroma 201 Masters Apprenticeship program. Michelle is an International Instructor for the Australian Bush Flower Essence Co. founder Ian White, teaching the ABFE college course. She has created a series of short courses in aromatherapy so all can experience the pleasure of scent. Michelle enjoys creating natural body and skincare products for nurturing body, mind and spirit. www.soulscentsllc.com

It is with heartfelt gratitude that we can serve all your needs with the Australian Bush Flower Essences. My own personal experience with the ABFE, those of my family, friends, clients, and students leave me confident to say the Australian Bush Flower Essences will change your life on all levels.

About Australian Bush Flower Essences

Ian WhiteFlower Remedies are not new. The Australian Aboriginals have always used flowers to heal the emotions, as did the Ancient Egyptians. There has also been a very long tradition of use of Flower Essences in India, Asia and South America and they were also very popular in Europe in the Middle Ages. Hildegard von Bingen (12th century) and Paracelsus (15th century) both wrote about how they collected dew from flowering plants to treat health imbalances.

This healing method was rediscovered by Dr. Edward Bach sixty years ago through the use of English flowering plants. Today our society and its needs are totally different to that of sixty years ago. There has been a great need for remedies that would help people deal with the issues of the 21st century - sexuality, communication skills and spirituality to name but a few. The answer to this need has come from the Australian plants, developed and researched by Naturopath, Ian White a fifth generation Australian herbalist.

Ian grew up in the Australian bush. As a young boy his grandmother, like her mother before her, specialised in using Australian plants and would often take him bush walking. From her deep understanding she would point out the many healing plants and flowers. He learned a profound respect for nature through her and went on to become a practitioner and a pioneer working with and researching the rare remedial qualities of Australian native plants.

Australia has the world's oldest and highest number of flowering plants exhibiting tremendous beauty and strength. Also Australia is relatively unpolluted and metaphysically has a very wise, old energy.

At this time there is a tremendous new vitality in this country. This, combined with the inherent power of the land, is why the Australian Bush Flower Essences are unique. Practitioners and prescribers world wide are now incorporating the Australian Essences to form an integral part of their therapy.

The Bush Remedies not only help to give clarity to one's life but also the courage, strength and commitment to follow and pursue one's goals and dreams. They help to develop a higher level of intuition, self esteem, spirituality, creativity and fun. The more the Essences are used, the more one is likely to experience greater awareness and happiness in one's life. Then everyone benefits....the individual, society and the planet.

The effect of these Essences is similar to that of meditation in that they enable the person to access the wisdom of their Higher Self. This releases negative beliefs held in the subconscious mind and allows the positive virtues of the Higher Self - love, joy, faith, courage etc. to flood their being. When this happens the negative beliefs and thoughts are dissolved, balance is restored and true healing occurs.


What are Flower Essences?
Flower Essences are not
therapeutic drugs - but work
on the mind, body and spirit
and are obtained by extracting the healing vibrational quality from the most evolved part of the plant - the flowers. They work on an emotional level, harmonising negative feelings and belief patterns, held in the subconscious mind.

How are they prepared?
Flower Essences are prepared
by imprinting a flower's unique
vibrational healing signature
onto a carrier solution of brandy and water. This is achieved by working with flowers, under ideal conditions, that are growing in the wild in an environment free from...
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How do Flower Essences work?
The concept of healing that was
shared from such great healers
as Hippocrates, Paracelsus,
Hahnemann, Bach and Steiner
was a simple one. They all
believed that good health was
a result of emotional, spiritual
and mental harmony and found
that when they...
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